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How to Clean a Canvas Print

From time to time it might be necessary to clean your canvas print. Taking care of your printed canvas will keep it looking good over a long period of time.

In this article we offer tips on how to keep your canvas prints clean so they last longer and stay looking great.

No matter how clean your home is, there will always be some dust and other dirt floating around in your environment. Over time this settles on all surfaces including any canvas prints you have hanging on your walls. This is why it is best to have a regular cleaning routine for all your canvas prints. Regular, gentle cleaning will keep your prints looking fantastic – and prolong their lifespan.

With any printed image it is important to use the correct cleaning products and techniques to avoid damaging your printed canvas.

The main things to avoid when cleaning a canvas print are:
Don’t get it too wet, don’t use harsh cleaning products, and don’t rub too vigorously.

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1. Light dusting
The best way to keep a canvas print clean is to regular dust it lightly with a microfibre cloth or duster. This will remove most of the visible household dust, while keeping the canvas dry. It is best to avoid getting any moisture on a printed canvas, so this is the first step that we recommend.
Often, simply removing the microscopic layer of dust is all that is required to keep your print colours looking vibrant.

2 A slightly damp cloth for everyday grime
If you have noticed a layer of grime starting to accumulate on your canvas print, you might want to try a gentle wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Use a clean duster or soft microfibre cloth. Dip this into lukewarm water and squeeze out nearly all of the water so your cloth is only slightly damp.
Use a circular motion and very little pressure to clean off any grime.
Allow the canvas print to dry completely.

3 Splashes or noticeable marks
If something has splashed onto the surface of your canvas print, first try a damp cloth – as above. If this doesn’t remove the splash don’t be tempted to rub harder as this might damage or stretch the canvas.
The next thing to try is a mild household detergent such as washing up liquid or liquid soap. It’s important to use as little as possible to start with. You can mix the soap with water and follow step 2. The main thing is to keep the canvas as dry as possible, and use only very slight pressure.
gently wipe off any soapy water using a clean damp cloth.

4 Mould or mildew
Mould and mildew can be a problem particularly on bathroom canvas prints. To treat this, remove the print from the wall and clean the wall behind it with a mould remover spray.
First try a clean damp cloth, as per step 2 above. If that doesn’t work, you can try step 3, but using bleach free disinfectant or mould remover in place of soap (Do not use anything containing bleach as this might damage your canvas).
It’s important to clean and mould or mildew from the front AND the rear of the canvas.
Go gently and use diluted cleaning product. Keep the cloth as dry a possible. It’s best to repeat several gentle treatments.
Wipe off any excess disinfectant with a clean damp cloth and move the canvas to a dry area.
Allow it to dry completely before putting back on the wall.
If the problem persists, it might be best to find a different location to hang your canvas print.

5 If in doubt use a professional art cleaner
We don’t want you to risk damaging a favourite print. If you are in any doubt about cleaning a canvas print, please ask our experts, or call us on 01843 586605 as we will be happy to provide help and advice.

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