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Canvas Prints

Order Canvas Prints Online – Choose a size, upload your image and edit online. Free delivery over £50

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High quality canvas prints of your treasured photos, using our modern printing techniques – coupled with a huge range of vibrant colours – we are able to deliver superb razor-sharp definition with each and every canvas we print.

  • Your Photo on Canvas
  • Great print quality
  • 75 years colour guarantee
  • Expertly crafted
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 18mm thick frame
  • Ready to Ship in 24 hours
  • Secure Payment System

High quality canvas prints

Instant Printing are experts in creating high quality canvas prints of your photos. Using our modern printing techniques – along with a huge range of vibrant colours – we are able to deliver amazing razor-sharp definition with each and every canvas we create. Our expertly crafted canvas frames are constructed using wood from sustainable sources. We use solid wood frames up to 18mm thick and all of the inks and materials used in our products are environmentally friendly. We deliver your canvas prints directly to your door, all within five working days of you placing an order with us.

How to order your canvas print

Our easy to use ordering system puts you in control of creating your ideal canvas print. Simply upload an image. Next, select your preferences from our easy-to-use drop-down menus. Preview your canvas in real time and adjust the image size and positioning!  We aim to make the ordering process for canvas prints as easy as possible. With our advanced cropping tool, you can easily select the desired cropping for your picture.

If you are unable to crop your photo as you would like it, we have several options available for your image to be fully displayed on the front of the print. If you experience any difficulties when ordering, please just get in touch (either by phone or e-mail) or add some notes when you are editing your photo and we will gladly help resolve any problems you are facing.

Create your canvas print

You can order your canvas print in a few simple steps…

1. Choose a size

We offer a wide range of canvas dimensions to suit all wall spaces and budgets. Choose between canvas widths and heights, starting at 12″ x 12″ (20cm x 20cm) and extending to 40″ x 40″ (102cm x 102cm).

2. Choose landscape or portrait

Our cropping tool indicates the exact edges of your canvas photo print. View your canvas in portrait and landscape to select the best-fit layout for your image.  The edges of the canvas are mirrored from the image on the front.

3. Finish your canvas – filters, position and zoom

Finally you can add finishing touches to your order by adding filters, re-positioning the image and zooming in or out.  These can be viewed on-screen before you have to commit to making a purchase.

Looking for custom size canvas prints or having difficulty using our cropping tool? If so then we can we also offer to complete the cropping process on your behalf (just leave any comments in the “Any other information” box). We’re here to help you to achieve outstanding results within your price range!

Shipping costs and delivery times

Our standard shipping cost for sending a photo on canvas is £5 and free delivery on orders over £50.


12" x 12" (30cm x 30cm), 16" x 12" (41cm x 30cm), 16" x 16" (41cm x 41cm), 20" x 12" (51cm x 30cm), 20" x 16" (51cm x 41cm), 20" x 20" (51cm x 51cm), 24" x 12" (61cm x 30cm), 24" x 16" (61cm x 40cm), 24" x 20" (61cm x 51cxm), 24" x 24" (60cm x 60cm), 30" x 12" (76cm x 30cm), 30" x 16" (76cm x 40cm), 30" x 20" (76cm x 51cm), 30" x 30" (76cm x 76cm), 40" x 12" (102cm x 30cm), 40" x 16" (102cm x 40cm), 40" x 20" (102cm x 51cm), 40" x 30" (102cm x 76cm), 40" x 40" (102cm x 102cm)


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