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Are Canvas Prints suitable for Bathrooms?

Can you put canvas prints in a bathroom?

Customers often ask the question, “are canvas prints suitable for bathrooms?”. The short answer to this question is Yes, although there are some points to consider if you want to hang canvas prints in a bathroom.

The reason you need to be somewhat careful is that bathrooms are often damp, humid places. Over time, this can sometimes lead to moisture damaging the fabric of your canvas print. In this case there is a risk that your canvas print becomes affected by mould or mildew, or that the surface might begin to warp over time.

Generally, canvas prints are ok in bathrooms. They have a protective acrylic coating which limits the ability of mould and mildew to grow on the surface. However, we advise taking the following precautions to limit the chance of your canvas print becoming damaged whilst hanging in your bathroom:

  1. Don’t hang an original canvas which is highly valuable or irreplaceable in your bathroom.
    If you have the perfect image for your bathroom but don’t want to risk damaging your original print, here at Instant Printing we can make a high quality reproduction which you can hang in your bathroom, without the fear of sentimental or financial loss should things go wrong.
  2. Leave a small gap between your printed canvas and the wall to maximise air circulation around the print.
    Mould and mildew tend to start growing in undisturbed areas which are prone to moisture. By leaving a gap between your print and the wall, air can move around your picture frame. this in turn creates drier air, and makes it harder for mould spores to settle on the surface of your printed canvas.
  3. Ensure there is adequate airflow in your bathroom.
    Open a window regularly, especially when you are taking a shower or a bath. Install a good extractor fan to remove moist air from your bathroom. These steps will reduce the level of humidity in your bathroom, making it harder for mould and mildew to grow.
  4. Regularly check any canvas prints hanging in your bathroom.
    Check all round the front and sides of your print. If you can, remove the printed canvas from the wall every so often to check for any spots of mould or mildew on the back of the canvas. These will appear as white, grey or yellow fluff or powder in the case of mildew – and usually as green or black fuzz or slime.

– If you find any mould or mildew, check out our post for advice on how to clean a canvas print.

So to sum up, yes you can hang canvas prints in a bathroom, just follow the steps outlined above and you will be fine. If you have any questions, why not send us a message or pick up the phone and call Instant Printing on 01843 586605. Did you know you can order custom canvas prints online, delivered to your door. You can also visit our print shops in Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Chatham and Maidstone for advice and printing.

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